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Traveling abroad is associated with pleasure and positive emotions, but before departure no one thinks that sudden deterioration of health during the trip or luggage loss may give negative emotions to the planned pleasure. Travel Insurance is the best way to avoid such situations.  

What does IC Group Travel Insurance offer? 
IC Group Travel Insurance is fitted to the needs of a customer. You can purchase both single and multiple Travel Insurance policies.

Single Policy – the best choice when you travel abroad for the specific period of time and your traveling is not regular. Buy Single Policy for the term, for which you intend to leave the country. 

Multiple Travel Insurance Policy (Multi policy) – will allow you to avoid unnecessary procedures and use one policy for the whole year. 

Luggage insurance – you can insure your luggage, and receive compensation in case of its loss. 

Insurance Coverage Limit EURO 30 000 and above 
Urgent hospital services  V
Urgent outpatient services  V
Urgent Dental services  V
Urgent Ophthalmic services  V
Ambulance services  V
Repatriation of the insured  V
Additional Services  
Loss of luggage  V

What is the cost of the Travel Insurance Policy?  

The cost of the Travel Insurance Policy depends on the age of insured person, policy duration and selected countries. To find out the cost of the policy contact us on the hot line.       

What is the difference of the IC Group insurance?  
  • Simplifies conditions 
  • Expedited procedure of insurance
  • Low rates  
What do you need to buy Travel Insurance?  

To purchase a policy you will only need your foreign passport.  

Where can you buy IC group Travel Insurance?   

Travel insurance policy can be purchased at the Central Office of the IC Group: 24 Mosashvili str / 83 Paliashvili str. or in its partner tourist companies.    

IC Group wishes you a peaceful and safe journey!!!  



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