Property Insurance

IC Group Insurance Company offers insurance cover for both commercial and private property:

Risks insured:

  • Natural Disasters, earthquake are also included
  • Water Damage
  • Vehicle Impact
  • Theft, burglary, robbery, vandalism, deliberate damage to the property by third parties
  • Plate glass damage
The cover may include all the above risks or any of their combinations.

Machinery breakdown insurance

This kind of insurance provides cover in the event of damage to the insured machinery due to certain external or internal factors, such as explosion, short circuit, defective materials, faulty design, etc.

Business Interruption insurance

IC Group offers you to protect your financial interests against the risk of damage to your property that may result in business interruption, uncertain additional expenses and consequential loss of income. This is an additional cover to the property or machinery breakdown insurance.

Sum Insured shall be calculated from the amount of maximal possible loss following the 12 months idle period of your enterprise, based on the profit and loss data.

Property & Casualty insurance for individuals

IC Group offers a wide choice of IC HOME property insurance programs.

We insure homes, apartments, summer houses, including their contents, such as household goods, furniture and furnishings, fixtures and fittings, interior decorations and also separate household premises and landscape elements. A special insurance program offers you cover during your vacation or business trip.

As an extension to your cover we can offer you the Homeowner’s Liability Insurance.

CAR / EAR insurance

Construction process is always associated with risk. Insurance, as the most cost-effective method of risk management is an optimal way to protect your financial interests in this field. We offer you comprehensive insurance protection at each stage of the construction process – starting with the installment of plant and machinery at the site and expiring with the end of maintenance period. 



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